For Vootto, having clear air means not only air that’s clear of harmful Germs and odors, but also clear of any distracting smoke.
Vootto Heat is
the safest way to ash in your car, windows up, and with your privacy kept.

Traps Smoke
Dust and Odors


Eliminates Bacteria
and Viruses

Technical Specs

Vootto provides high-end solutions equipped with
cutting-edge technologies and impressive capabilities

83 Fan

10K RPM motor for
optimal suction

Top tray for
smoke and ash

Vootto Heat’s top tray is
detachable and washable,
So you can smoke mess-free.


HEPA, Activated carbon,
Anti-Smell Granules
and Active Shield

Smoke Smell

Get the sensation of a
brand new car by removing all
Unwanted odors, smoke included.

Filter Replacement

Renews the air in a typical
cabin 6x hour

Reclaim your AirSpace

Vootto traps 99.9% of all pollutants: Dust, Smoke, Allergens, Pollen, and more

Refresh your AirSpace

Finally, you can remove all unwanted odors from your space.

Remix your AirSpace

Find your favorite out of our
scent variety, smell switch and repeat.

With Vootto

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