Reclaim Your Airspace
Active Shiled Air Filter
From $129

Vootto has designed the most innovative air filter out there, giving you the peace of mind to breath freely.

Crowned as one of the Ground-Breaking Technologies of 2021 by the IUPAC* and EPA approved – our antiviral nano-coating actively protects and breaks down viruses and bacteria caught on the filter before they can get released back into your air.

Active Shield
4 Layer
  • SILVADUR antimicrobial™
    breaks down microorganisms’ membrane by using specialized silver ions.
  • Activated Carbon
    absorbs VOC’s and chemical pollutants, removes smoke, and clears the air.
  • HEPA H13 filter
    medical-grade filter that can catch up to 99.9% of all pollutants from the air, including dust, allergens, germs and more.
  • All Natural Anti-Smell granules
    comprised of over 200 natural herbs, this layer neutralizes completely any odor to pass through it.