Reclaim Your Airspace
From $129
  • Clears the Air
    Engineered to perform better than any other filter system and can clear a typical car cabin or small office space/cubicle of 99.9% of airborne contaminants.
  • Odor Neutralization
    Unique filter eliminates unwanted scents before the air pass through and distribute a fragrance of choice.
  • Eliminates Germs
    Our technology, embedded in the filter’s fibers, destroys virus’ membranes with 99% efficiency as proven clinically under lab conditions and approved by the EPA.
  • Actively Freshens
    A collection of specialized scent capsules is available to pick and choose from. Decide how to refresh your space with a simple, interchangeable design.
Nominal voltage – 12V (5.5*2.1 round DC input)
Nominal current – 2.8A
DC Brushless motor – 20000 H life span, 9K RPM
Fan ability – 83 CFM
Seven different fan speeds to choose from:
1-2 – Perfume and Refresh
3-5 – Active Filtration
6-7 – Extreme pollution
Noise levels – 25-60 dBa
Optimal operation – 90-110ft3 interior (2.55-3.11m3)
6 replacement of air in avg. car interior per hour
CADR for PM2.5 – 15 CFM [25.4m3/h]
Height – 200mm / 8”
Diameter – 80mm / 3.2”
What’s in the Package?
Vootto Classic Air Purifier Unit
One Active Shield Air Filter capsule
One Scent capsule
One of 2 power supply adapter:
Car Adapter with 2 USB outputs and a DC 12V cable
Home Adapter with a DC 12V cable
  • Certifications
    FCC, CE, EPA approved Antimicrobial Filter
  • Manufacturer
    ISO 9001 quality standard factory.
  • Flammability rate
    UL-94 V-0 (for all parts)
  • Operation temperature
    -20 <=> +80°C / -4 <=> +176°F