"Unpleasant odors can be a warning sign of potential risks to human health" - ATSDR

With Vootto, you can breathe easy knowing that your air is filtered, purified and refreshed in minutes. Say goodbye to bad smells, allergens, smoke and more thanks to our patented Active Shield filter.

Active Shield Patented Filter

4 Filters in One

Experience groundbreaking air filtration with Vootto. Our Active Shield Air Filter is comprised of 4 layers of medical-grade filtration with SILVADUR Antimicrobial (EPA Reg. 464-785) that remove 99.9% of all pollutants.

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Powerful Blade Technology

Faster is Better

Experience ultimate air purification with Vootto. Developed in our labs, the unmatched suction power of 25,000 L/hr circulates and replaces your air faster than ever.

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Scent Capsules

Your Air - Your Choice

Elevate your indoor atmosphere with Vootto's high-end scent capsules. Choose from a range of scents to enhance your mood and productivity.

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โ–ถ๏ธPeople Talk Vootto

  • Clears the Air

    Engineered to perform better than any other filter system and can clear your immediate space of 99.9% of airborne contaminants.

  • Vanishes Odors

    Unique filter eliminates unwanted scents before the air pass through and distribute a fragrance of choice.

  • Removes Germs

    Our technology, embedded in the filterโ€™s fibers, removes germs with a unique coating of SILVADUR antimicrobial (EPA Registered 464-785)

  • Actively Freshens

    A collection of specialized scent capsules is available to pick and choose from. Decide how to refresh your space with a simple, interchangeable design.

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